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Guests can sign the mat at the wedding:

Sample shown: "Tom + Lisa" framed with a 16x16 triple mat that can hold up to 300 signatures:

Triple mat is highly recommended; it shows the best.

(Please notice: this sample shows a triple mat; that is a double mat placed on the top of a single mat ---- white over teal over purple. The inner mat is purple and this inner mat can be changed to teal or maroon or black,  and the outside double mat has 2 choices: white over teal or white over maroon. This wedding mat has choice of  16x16 or 16x20 sizes. If you like to view the 16x20 size please see the 2nd image on this page.  If you just want to have a double mat then please look at the 3rd image on this page: 16x16 white over maroon, it can be 16x20 as well.) 


Example: See "Beth & Neil" in this design:

This sample shows a 16"x20" triple mat: white over teal over maroon. People can sign the mat at wedding.

(Note: it can be 16"x16" or 16"x20")



Can you picture the artist or local jewelry store can make a gold or sliver marriage pendant for you based upon this unique design? Yes, it will be a treasure for a lifetime. There are as many uses for the Wedding Monogram as the ideas of your imagination. For information on an one-of-a-kind pendant made just for you by the artist please go back to our home page then click the link "Coolligraphy Pendant." You may also try to click here: http://www.freewebs.com/danielnie/coolligraphypendants.htm

It is also an excellent gift item  for anyone. Don't forget to order single-name coolligraphy for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and child attendants.  Many people use their coolligraphy as a logo for their emails and blogs. Some people even use it for a tattoo design, coffee mugs, pillows, etc.


Example: See "Alyssa & David" in this design:

This sample shows a 16"x16" double mat: white over maroon  ----- please notice that the double mat only comes with a square opening in the middle, and the only color choices you have are: white over maroon or white over teal. (The middle opening is 8x8, the over size of the double mat can be 16"x16" or 16"x20").
The design is an one-of-a-kind artwork hand painted by artist Daniel Nie on 100 lb. archival paper and matted with an acid free Crecent mat board. On the lower left of the circle the artist has printed the names of the bride and groom, and on the lower right side is the date of the wedding. You can choose the lettering color: black with teal or black with maroon. You may also request all letters in black by indicating this in your order form.

Each piece has a symbolism. In this "Alyssa + David" sample, you will find the following symbolic images:
  • D+A = a marriage home
  • a+a = 2 love birds
  • d = a music note of love
  • s+s = bright sky
  • l+i+v+y = a garden of happiness
  • Isn't it COOL? That is why it is known as "COOLLIGRAPHY"...

     To see a list of symbolism click here.

    Coolligraphy - A Must For Your Wedding:

     Artist Daniel Nie takes the letters from your name and creates a unique monogram as a symbol of love.

    All guests can sign the mat at the wedding as your guest book. (mat size: 16"x20" standard; number of people that can sign the mat: from 50 up to 300). The design symbolizes: "Two names becoming one body that is surrounded by friends forever." What a lovely conversation piece for your living room!

    You also can use the design as a monogram for the wedding program cover, invitations, stationery, and other ceremony items such as towels, napkins, glassware, etc. or as a basis for beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

    The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!



    Yes, you will have a completely unique wedding monogram! Order Today!

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    Attention: If you have questions and want to send a note to the artist, then please e-mail him at danielnie@aol.com right now.

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