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Your Name Becoming a Picture/Logo

These are English letters intertwined ----NOT Chinese or Japanese words

See a demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5xu7wv7WzA

A and Q

First name, last name , 2 names together, kid's name,

Long name or short name, I will make it pretty!

I make your name look good...


        They are English letters

           ---- Name Coolligraphy


     Before (English)                                            After (still English)




Use the design as a logo for:

Letterhead, facebook, tattoo, pendant, etc.


Get you name done


Artist Daniel Nie takes the letters from your name and creates a picture logo. You can use the logo for your letterhead, pendant, embroidery, or anything else you can think of - you are limited only by your imagination! Before you display your beautiful artwork, your guests can sign the mat at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, anniversary or birthday parties, etc.

Mr. Nie will transform a person's name (or couple's or family's names) into a work of art. For birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and any other special occasions, you can give this wonderfully unique gift. And, if you wish, Dan offers a holiday theme print that can include the names of a whole family! In his Coolligraphy® collection, he uses a principle of ancient oriental characters to transform your name or some especially meaningful words into an original hieroglyphic design.

A wonderful gift:

A great conversation piece!
A Wonderful Gift! Order Today!
One name for Birthdays and Graduations
Two names for Weddings and Anniversaries


For Newborns

  It's A Girl!   See Elaine in this design                               It's A Boy! See Griffin in this design               


You may request  a date of birth to be printed at the lower right side along the circle  at no additional charge. 

For new born baby's name only: Please notice that you need to tell the artist in the order form regarding what baby theme icons (possibly please provide your prefered images to the artist) that you wish the artist to add into the new born's name design. The artist will give you one babay theme image free of charge but it will be an additional charge if you request more than one images. The fee for adding this so called "for anything special" is indicated in the order from (fee is charged by per icon), so please pay attention to that part when you are filling out the order form and adding the total cost in the order form. Please do not hesitate to contact the artist if you have any questions: mailto:danielnie@aol.com?subject=newborn

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Two Children: Colin + Justin

It is a wonderful Holiday Gift!

Name coolligraphy is also a terrific gift for a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, a Baptism, an engagement, a baby shower, a retirement, a house warming party, or any other special occasion. All designs match any decor and conveniently fit standard sized frames.

  • We can do special themes
  • All designs match any decor
  • Standard sized mats: 11x14 or 16x20
  • Guests can sign the mat at a special event party
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  •  See: "Eva" in this design

                                           See: "Tom + Lisa" in this design


    The picture on left  is a sample of two   names together -- "Tom and Lisa." The romantic symbolism in this design:

    L and T as lives  together, i as a flower of love, s as a dollar sign (prosperity), a as a love bird (singing love songs), and o as a full moon, as romance and blessing. M as a mountain (aiming high).



    Your one-of-a-kind name coolligraphy  comes with an explanation sheet.   Figuring out the story is great fun.


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    Q & A (Part I)

    Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
    A: Usually it takes 2 weeks; however if it is urgent, please feel free to place a priority order
    at NO additional service charge. We will work on your order overnight, then send via
    the US Postal Service the next day.

    Q: How do I know what my name will look like? If my name is too short or too long will it still look good?
    A: Short name, long name, or uncommon name, the artist will make your name beautiful. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by full refund. Please feel free to call the artist if you still have any concerns.

    Q: How do I interpret the meaning of the design you created for my name?
    A: There will be a sheet of "Symbolism" included with your order. You may also view the symbolism by clicking here. If you still have questions about the symbolism of your name when you receive your order, please just call the artist and he will be happy to answer your personal questions at no charge.

    Q:What mat and framing choices do I have?
    A: Generally you have 2 choices for the lettering, and 2 choices for matting, and one choice for the framing.
    To see a sample of framed piece please see our wedding page or click here . (Notice: the sample on that page shows a framing with triple mat, a best look. However you can request for a double mat only. Color choices are listed in the order form. To see the order form please click here.)
    All mats are standard sized: 11x14 or 16x20 . Regarding 16x16 mat, please read the the 2nd part of this page.

    Here is the sample for single mat (11x14 and double mat 16x20 (we have different color choices indicated in the order form):



    Q: How do I use your design for letterhead, pendant, embroidery,etc?
    A: Technically, the design needs to be scanned into a computer first and then necessary editing for reproductions of other forms must be done. Please consult your local stores with your idea if you want the design to be on a piece of jewelry or embroidery. To create a logo for letterheads or business cards from the design, you may simply use your own scanner and computer to complete the job. If you do not know how to do this, you need to consult with a local printing shop, such as Office Depot or Staples. Please feel free to call the artist if you still have concerns.


    Q: For tattoo: Can you make a smaller version for me to use for a tattoo design?

    A: Here is the knowledge you need to know:

    1. There are a lot of people use my design for tattoos.
    Once you tell me the design is for a tattoo then I will design the names into an image that is not  busy and suitable for the tattoo artist to reduce it to a size you prefer.
    2. My art work is always done in one size . Because it is hand painted, even it is for a tattoo, I  have to paint the names in a circle of 7" so the image can be very sharp when its size is reduced.
    3. Most people take my design to a tattoo artist,  and the tattoo artist then will scan it into a computer and reduce the size of the image to what you prefer. Then a template will be made  for transferring my design into a  tattoo on your skin.
    4. You do not have to order a mat but most people would like to frame this nice original art for home or office. Our mats are specially cut to fit my art work and they are in standard size so they  fit a ready made frame which you can buy in any stores without paying expensive price for custom framing.
    5. All information on size and price are listed in my web site and in the order form.
    6. Please go ahead to fill out the order form and e-mail it to me. If you have questions please feel free to call me ... I can work out any details with you.

    More Q & A (Part II)

    Q: Can I see a sketch before I order?

    A: Although I do sketches at the craft shows, I do not mail, fax or e-mail sketches for these reasons:

    • technical difficulties
    • time consuming.
    • the sketch does not do justice to the beautiful finished work
    • copyrights
    I hope you understand this policy for my business practice. However, please note that my policy is that your satisfaction is 100% money back guaranteed. Therefore, you have NO risk when you place an order.

    The look of the design for the name(s) is based on what the theme that you want----so please tell me what this is for-----anniversary, wedding, graduation, birthday or just a gift----you also can tell me a bit about the people for whom you are ordering the name(s )----please indicate all of this information at the bottom of the order form. Please leave the artistic decisions with me and trust me to come up the best look of the design for you.

    Q: Can I have a different color and a different sized mat other than the ones you provided?

    A: All of our mats are pre-cut to ensure that we utilize fully our quality materials and thus keep the cost low for our customers. Therefore, you do not have choices on sizes or colors other than the ones listed in our order form (please read the "mat choice" and "price list" in the order form carefully). You will have no difficulties with these mats when you need framing. We also provide you quality framing if you desire; please indicate this on your order form if you choose this service. As always, please do not hesitate to call me if you have further questions. My phone # is 704-574-1815.

    I thank you for your trust. Please click the link at the bottom of this page to complete an order form and send it to me.

    I look forward to serving you.


    More Q & A (Part III)

    Q: Symbolism - what/where is my story?

    A: To answer your question, here is how our system works:

    • First, I try to complete all the orders within 7 days after the order is received and ship completed orders without delay. A general "Symbolism" page is enclosed with each order. If you do not have that sheet, please click here to see it.
    • If you would like to obtain my personal written interpretation of your design(s), please make a photocopy of each design and mail the photocopy to me with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE): Daniel Nie, 20028 Blackwolf Run Place, Ashburn, VA 20147 This service is free of charge. I had to establish this system due to time constraints so that I may continue to do this free for a few customers like you.

    Q: How do I make sure that I've been charged correctly?

    A: If you wish to verify the price to ensure that I have charged you correctly, please click here to see price list in the order form.

    Q: Can you provide an invoice for my records?

    A: If you need me to send you an invoice, please copy the following to your e-mail and complete following information and e-mail it to me:

    • Your name__________________________________________________________
    • Telephone__________________________________________________________
    • Date and location of purchase _____________________________________
    • How much was the total amount I charged you ?$_____________________
    • List below: all the "Names" you ordered and indicate the size of the mat for each piece of the artwork (they should be: 11x14 or 16x16 or 16X20).

    Your cooperation is appreciated since we do not enter customer information into our computer.

    Q: Can you offer advice about framing?

    A: Regarding Frame size 16X16: A lot of people ordered a 16X16 size mat for it's good look (If you are willing to spend a bit of money , please let us to do the framing for you) . I usually explain to my customers how to approach to a framing shop to get a good price when you order 16x16 frames. Please allow me to repeat these instructions here:

    • Tell the framing shop (choose a big chain store for best price) that you know they have 16X20 as a standard size, but you only need the 16" parts not the 20" parts -------- you need to order a 16x16 frame and glass only (they will charge you for the glass, that is OK). For convenience, you may buy the hardware from the same place but you also can get it from Walmart or some similar store. To save money, do not take the artwork to the framing shop for them to do the framing job, since you can easily put the picture into the frame yourself.
    • A general concept: prices for frames range widely ----- from very expensive to very reasonable.
    • Over the years, 90% of our customers ordered 16x16 and had no problems getting it framed at a good price. If you follow my instructions step by step you also should not have any problems. Yes, 16x16 looks best (16x20 is a bit big) and you have made the right choice. I agree that it requires a bit of extra leg work but hope it is worth it for the results of framing ! I am here with you all the way, to assist you with technical support until your work is framed. If you do wish to order a 16X16 frame from the artist, please obtain a price quote from the artist for the fame only (no glass or hardware) by sending e-mail to: mailto:danielnie@aol.com?subject=16x16


    Q: How do I contact the artist if I have questions after I receive my artwork?

    A: We serve customers one at a time.

    Mr. Nie wishes to respond quickly with his personal attention to provide expedited quality service. Due to the large number of individual customer cases that the artist has to handle, especially during holiday seasons, we request that you kindly provide us some background information regarding your case:

    Please copy the following to your email screen and complete the requested information before mailing to the artist:

    1. Your Name:
    2. Telephone #:
    3. Date and location of show or other means (phone, mail, website) you placed your order:
    4. Have you received the art work?
    5. Was the artwork in good condition? If not, please explain. If you have problems with more than one piece of art, please answer the following questions individually for each of the artworks by listing as "piece #1..., piece#2...., etc.":
    6. What was/were the name(s) in the artwork?
    7. What was the color for the lettering?
    8. What was the mat for the artwork (color and size)?
    9. What was the theme and/or icon (if any)?
    10. If you have received the artwork, is the mat in good condition for re-use?
    11. Was the artwork a desk style or a wall hanging style? (please indicate for each piece)
    12. Please explain in detail your question or problem and your desired resolution. Be specific.
    13. Is there any $ amount that needs to be adjusted? If so, how much?
    14. Other comments or questions:
    We will handle your case as soon as we receive your information --- for speedy service, please answer each of the above questions thoroughly and accurately.

    If you need an order form, please click here.

    If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the artist .

    To send an e-mail to the artist please click here: DanielNie@aol.com