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Congratulations! Your gift comes with many good wishes. You can use this artwork for your letterhead, pendant, embroidery, or anything else you can think of - you are limited only by your imagination!


If the artwork is damaged in the mail, please call Daniel Nie at 704-574-1815 for a free replacement. In any case, do NOT send the package back. If you have a question about the artwork, call Daniel Nie at 704-574-1815 or e-mail the artist at danielnie@aol.com for instructions. Your satifsfaction is always guaranteed. Please note that the Shipping and handling fee is NOT refundable.

The Symbolism in your Name Coolligraphy:

Please find as many of the following iconography as you can in the design of your Name Coolligraphy. Your specially requested symbolism may not be listed here but use your best imagination and you will find it in your artwork.

AAiming high while balancing Yin and Yang, the 2 essential aspects in one's life. Or the roof of a house, or a mountain.
aA bird, a flower, an aircraft, or an animal--it may be your pet.
BThe Blossom of the beauty of wisdom. Or the shape of the moon, a tree, or a bird.
bA golf club, music note, or a flower bed.
CThe creation of beautiful things in life. A moon, boat, a lucky penny, or a ball/wheel.
DA beautiful dream that will always come true. A door, window, a flower, pond, or lake.
dA golf club, a music note, a garden.
EAn energetic music for celebration. The earth, golf course, or water: ocean, lake, river, etc., or the music staff, a vase, a flag, or flower leaves.
eA bird, a flower, a smiling mouth, or a ball/wheel.
FYour finest character is recognized. A flag, the music staff, water, or golf course.
GThe growth of spiritual strength. Topiary, tree, bush, or a flower/vase.
HHope for the best as you climb your career ladder. The home where you shall find sweetness. A fence, tennis net, house in the garden, barn , building, church, or temple, etc.
IInfinite wisdom and love are symbolized by the candle light. "I" looks like the Chinese character for "work", a work of miracle.
iA star, or a garden light, a flower of love, a flag pole, or the mast of a boat, or a heart. The dot above can be your sign, (Ex. a symbol of playing Bridge, etc.).
JJoyful Journey. A deck with plants, or a boat, a clef note, garden, or water.
KThe key opens opportunities. The top of a tent/house, or a mountain. Or a dancing leg.
LLet the dancing leg dance, a sense of harmony. Or the landscape: field and mountain. Can also be a golf club.
MA meaningful life as visible as a mountain. A roof/tent, a house, church, or a dancing leg.
NNature. Or a fence, a gate, a horseshoe, a house/gazebo, a flower or vegetation.
OOpen the eye of wisdom. Or a full moon/sun, a wheel, a vase, a heart, a ball, or a fruit.
PPerfection often contains both straight and curved lines. Mailbox, or the shape of the moon, a bush, a tree, a tennis racket, a field.
QA quality life style comes from the balance of life. Or a wheel, a ball, or a vase.
RDancing under the moonlight is romantic. Dancing/jogging leg, golf club, a house, a bush, a mailbox for delivering the good news. Or roof/tent with a sky light, a tennis racket, or a field.
rA flag on the mailbox, a flag on the golf course, or a sign of reason.
SSpiritual strength is the insurance of wealth. Sky or water. Dollar sign. Or an "s" shaped walkway, golf cart trail.
TThe top is only one step away. Table, or a deck, the horizon, a symbol of a scale of justice.
UYour personality is as unique as you are. A pot of luck, a vase, or a horseshoe, a house.
VPositive thinking is the beginning of victory. Or flower leaf, or grass.
WWhere there's a will there's a way. Or flower leaf/grass.
XExtra caution is needed when you pass the crossroad. The framework of a structure, a field.
YWhen you believe in yourself, happiness comes within. Sky, tree, garden, river, a music clef note, or a boat.
ZThe zigzag path of life is the zest of life. A fence, path, or clouds in the sky.


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