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Pendant  Contemporary Style

A wonderful gift for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries.

Do not forget, it is the best gift for Valentine's!

It is a unique gift for bridesmaids, or any individual’s birthday, graduation, etc. 

**************************************************************************Note: If you are interested in the Classic Style Pendants which are not the same as these samples showing on this page then you need to click the link here to see the "Classic ones" or contact the artist via email at DanielNie@aol.com for details. The face of a Classic Style Pendant has an ivory-look, and the letters are in black, whereas these contemporary style ones the letters the surface and the letters are shinning (please read the web site careful before place your order).



Each pendant is one-of–a–kind custom made just for you.

    The artist turns the letters from your name into a unique design by overlapping the letters to become a beautiful composition.

    The contemporary style pendant is a reproduction of the artist’s hand painted calligraphy. The calligraphy image is reduced on the computer and, after going through difference steps of graphic editing, it is micro-dot engraved on a Rhodium surface pendant. Rhodium is a precious metal that will not tarnish, and it is maintenance free. The calligraphy image is in silver or gold, but sometimes the white lettering appears to be on black background and other times it seems to disappear. It is the different degrees of light-reflection on the surface of the pendant that causes these different visual effects, which is the beauty of this high-tech engraving product (see samples in photos below).

    Common sense: a pendant made of plated-rhodium  under daily use is considered as "heavy use" and under such use the surface may be worn out over time. If you would like to treasure this art work, then wearing it for special occasions, and cleaning it gently with commercial Jewelry Wipes are recommended. 


Notice: the material of the pendant is Rhodium.

Sizes of each pendant is indicated with the pictures shown below (see Fig.1 and Fig.2) We have standard ones: 27mm and 17 mm.

However, you can up grade your pendant to a 25mm or a 32mm diamond-look CZS edge style for an extra fee (see Fig.3. and Fig.4)
A silver or a gold chain is available for your choice. (see Photo C and Photo D). Please view the following samples, then email your inquiry to the artist:

Fig.1: LeS-27 or LeS-17 silver
see "Tom +Lisa" in the design (standard)


silver 27mm                                                           silver 17mm

Fig.2: LeG-27 or LeG-17 gold
see "Eva" in the design


gold 27mm                                                               gold 17mm

Fig.3: LeS-32 or LeS-25 silver
"Dan + Linda" (up graded)


silver 32mm                                                                silver 25mm

Fig.4: LeG-32 or LeG-25 gold
"Robin + Wayne" (up graded)


gold 32mm                                                                    gold 25mm

Please do not forget to order a chain: 18"/2.2mm

Q and A:

(Please feel free to contact the artist for any questions 703-858-7161)

Q:How do I know what my name will look like?

A: Because your name-pendant will be created as a unique original, it is not something pre-made that you can preview. However, by looking at samples on this website, you will have a good idea about the general style of these beautiful pendants. You do not have to worry about the beauty or the quality of your order; your satisfaction is money back guaranteed.

Q: How long can a name(s) be? What about initials?

A: There is no limit for the number of letters in a name or word, but we suggest you use the short version of a name if you can. We can do a maximum of 2 names together on one pendant. This makes a wonderful gift for a couple. If you are considering gifts for a family (i.e. multiple names ), we suggest you order each name as a separate pendant. However, you may also take the first letter or initial from each individual member’s name to combine into one pendant as a family piece (e.g. John + Vickie + Cathy + Ed can be J.V.C.E.)
Please feel free to consult with the artist if you have further questions.

Q: What are the styles and dimensions of the pendants and the chains?

A: Basically there is only one style for the pendant and one style for the chain. The 32mm round diamond-cut edged pendant is an up graded one (see Fig. 3 and Fig. 4). You have to pay $19 extra to up grade your pendant. All chains are 18" long.

Q: How heavy is the pedant? Will it tarnish or break if I drop it on the floor?
How do I take care of the jewelry?

A: Because the pendant is made of Rhodium so it will not tarnish. It is not heavy but strong, and it should not break under normal circumstances. Your pendant is maintenance free. However, if you wish to polish the jewelry you may use a soft jewelry polishing cloth, which can be found on the inter net.
The face of the pendant should not be scratched or rubbed in any way. You may dust the surface by using a soft cloth or tissue.

Q: What should I do if the face is damaged or dirtied by accident?

A: If your pendant is damaged, there is no way it can be repaired. However, your pendant is made of a strong precious metal therefore under normal wear it should last life time. We may give you some discount for a replacement if an accident should have happened. The artist is willing to help you at anytime.

How to order:

Please view the samples on this website first, then email the artist at danielnie@aol.com to request your order form or click the link to Request for a Name-Pendant order form (LE) on this page. The artist will contact you shortly.

You may request any name or any word to be made as a pendent. They are wonderful gifts for anyone.


A list of suggested words is provided below for your reference:

Words of Passion:

Music, Art, Books, Sports, Gardening, Home, Children,

Career, Beach, Mountain, Golf, Fishing, Basketball, Bicycling,

Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Cat, Dog, Horse, Fish, Bird

7 Words to a better week

Love, Smile, Welcome, Friends, Joy, Health, Prosperity

8 Words to a better working day:

Teamwork, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Trust,

Respect, Patience, Acceptance, Ethics

31 Words to a better month

Peace, Partnership, Family, Goal, Strategy, Vision, Life,

Thankful, Character, Balance, Optimism, Perseverance,

Image, Integrity, Benevolence, Humanity, Hope, Harmony,

Gratitude, Humble, Faith, Knowledge, Freedom, Serving,

Duty, Reason, Purpose, Wisdom, Nature, Miracle, God

If you do not see the word(s) you are looking for, the artist will be glad to create one in the way you prefer at no additional charge, i.e., for the same price as the words shown here.

If you need help please feel free to contact the artist at
704-574-1815 or by e-mail: DanielNie@aol.com.