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You can mail me a good quality snapshot, then I will create a fine art impressionistic style  ( artistically beautified) hand painted portrait on canvas for you.

For details please inquiry via email: danielnie@aol.com






Fine Art Digital Portrait :

Your ordinary snapshots transformed into fine art photo portraits or a pendant

------ A great gift for moms, dads and grandparents.

First of all, please picture this: a snapshot of your child has been enhanced and handcrafted to a pendant like these ones:


 They make a great gift for mother and grandma.

(Each pendant is made of a wood scrabble game tile glazed with glass-look finish; size: 18mm x 20mm X 5mm)

Most snapshots are taken by digital cameras nowadays.  From time to time, you may find that you or your loved ones look very good in a snapshot and may wish it could not only be cropped, but also enhanced to portrait studio quality.  However, you may not have the eye or the technical skills to do it yourself.  Artist Daniel Nie, with his professional background in creating oil and watercolor portraits, can create an artistic digital portrait photo for you out of your ordinary snapshots. Once the snapshot is artistically enhanced, it can be made to a pendant. 


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Caricature Coolligraphy is another unique form of art that Daniel Nie developed.

It is a caricature plus the letters from your name, making an interesting piece of art for yourself or your friends. This is a great birthday gift for your children or grandchildren. 

Artist Daniel Nie can create this caricature directly from live model or from a photograph. Once the caricature is created, you can frame it with one of our custom made 11x14 mats. The mat color choices are: Bule, Pink, Purple, Teal, Maroon, and Black. You cannot find the mats in other stores ---- the dimension of the mat fits an 11x14 standard size frame.

Your caricature can also be made to an pendant. For more information please contact the artist.To see samples please click here: pendants.



 Here are a few examples: from a photo to a caricature.


see the name "Sarah" is in the drawing:




 see the name "Chis" is in the drawing:



Caricature Pendant

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