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聶丹, 著名美籍華裔藝術家             

Daniel Nie, a leading Chinese-American artist in the nation

M.A./M.F.A., The American University Washington, D.C.
B.A., Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C.



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 (Note: Artist Daniel Nie has used the these ways signed his paintings: DNie, D.Nie, NiE, D@N)

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DanNie Art Auction.


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You can offer your bid on any of the paintings recently posted on the artist's instagram or on #danielnie --- please click here for details.

For a private view of DanNie new released paintings please send your inquiry to: mailto:DanielNie@aol.com?subject=Fine Art

Here is a collection of Daniel Nie's representative works.
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To see recently released paintings, please click here:      


painting #1:


Original Acrylic, 18x24 Price: $9,880 (sold)


painting #2:

Original Oil, 12x12,  Price: $24,900 (available) 


Painting #3:

Original Acrylic, 16x20 Price: $15,700 


About the Artist and His Work.....

This Washington D.C. artist, Daniel Nie, is a native of Shanghai, China. He came to the USA 20 years ago after accepting a full scholarship to study art. He has a B.A. in Art from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and an M.A./M.F.A. from The American University in Washington DC. Nie taught six years of art courses at various colleges. During that period he developed his own art form that he calls "Yi-mpression." The Artist applies the principles of French impressionism with Chinese Xieyi painting (pronounced shay-e), which means to express the inner feeling of the artist. Creating this unique style allows him to interpret everyday objects through the celebration of color, light, texture, and unreserved mixture of the East and the West.

Daniel Nie Original Painting Silent Auction

You can offer your bid and win a piece of DanNie Original

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How does it work?

The artist posts new paintings on different websites per Auction. The popular site you  need first to go to is his Instagram (#namecoolligraphy or #danielnie). You can choose the painting(s) you  like, then copy the images send your inquiry via email or direct message (his email is : danielnie@aol.com)You can name your own price (disregard the original price of the painting) and offer your bid on the bidding form (proviced below on this page).  If your bid is accepted then you will be notified via email to confirm your purchase  (please provide your email address when you contact the  artist).  Once your offer is confirmed, the artwork will be shipped out to your address within a week after the auction concludes at the end of each month.

The artist Daniel Nie wants to make his original paintings available to thousands of his fans at an affordable price. This is the key philosophy behind this silent auction web site.

What price should I offer?

Once you see a painting you like then just offer your bid on the form.  Email the form to the artist.  There is no price too small or too large to offer.  Just offer a price you feel comfortable with.  Your price will never be too low to offend the artist.  Daniel Nie has designed this auction site especially for people like you.  It is not for the exclusive galleries where his paintings would sell at a much higher price.  Please do not miss this opportunity to own a piece of Daniel Nie’s original. You have nothing to lose but a chance to own a piece of Daniel Nie's original and get a good bargain.

How to bid?

Fill out the following bidding form.  All information on the form will be kept confidential.  You will be notified if you are the winner at the end of the month.  If you have questions please email the artist directly: danielnie@aol.com

Here is the bidding form.  Please copy and paste and email to danielnie@aol.com


 Order form for DanNie paintings

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Shipping and handling information:

$19 shipping and handling for one painting, $29 if more than one painting.

5% sales tax will be added for VA residents.

Will pay by credit card ______, by check_____.


:) Contact Artist:

Telephone: 704-574-1815

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