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Coolligraphy Pendants

The name-coolligraphy that you love so much now it can be made to an one of a kind pendant by the master artist Daniel Nie

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Part I:

Many people can write but fewer are calligraphers. Artist Daneil Nie is truly a master calligrapher. He has been designing the wall hanging style Name-Coolligraphy for people over 20 years but now you can enjoy his master piece on your pendants. We have 3 different styles: the "Classic," the "Contemporary," and the "Feng Shui."

The Classic ones have an ivory look face with black letters hand painted on the face. The Contemporary ones look solid silver or solid gold and the letters are engraved on the face. In the Feng Shui style, the image of your name (or the word) looks like the classic ones but decorated with colors. It has been a popular seller among our young customers. Please do not forget the artist can put any words on the pendant; such as “Love,” “Peace,” “Music,” etc.

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Part II:
When you request the artist to create a pendant for you, the artist has to create an original design on a piece of paper first. This original artwork of your name is hand painted on an archival paper, and it is truly a master piece that can be matted and framed for your home or office. The design also can be scanned into your computer and use it as a logo for your letterhead, email, web site, embroidery, tattoo, etc., so do not forget to order the original master piece along with your pendant by paying just a bit extra ---- we should say: It is worth it!

Part III:
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Classic Style

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Contemporary Style

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Feng-Shui Style

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If you have questions please feel free to contact the artist.

The best way to reach the artist is by E-mail: danielnie@aol.com